Fort McMurray and Wood Buffalo Artist Profiles

Meet The Fine Art of Hospitality‘s Fort McMurray and Wood Buffalo Area Artists

Julie Dewilde - Artist Photograph 



Julie Dewilde

Bio: Julie is a wildlife biologist who dedicates her life to the preservation of wildlife species in their natural environment. She uses her passion for photography to share her different experiences throughout the world, from Africa to America, from the desert to the rain forest, and now in Fort McMurray.

Artist Statement: Fort McMurray is not only about oil sands exploitation. Through my photographs, I illustrate the wild and natural beauty of this beautiful region that people don’t always take the time to appreciate. I believe that nature photography will help raise awareness of the beauty of our natural surroundings and help create interest in protecting it.

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Andrew Grenon AndyGee



Andrew Grenon (AndyGee)

Bio: Andrew uses the name AndyGee for his art. He has a unique style and utilizes unique materials and techniques, reverse painting on glass, to achieve it. His work has sold internationally as far away as New Zealand. He would like to find a more local audience.

Artist Statement: To me art is entertainment and as such should entertain those that view/possess it. My work is heavily influenced by mid-century modern architecture, Tiki culture and custom car culture of the 1950s and 1960s.

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Amy Keller-Rempp Artist Photograph




Amy Keller-Rempp

Bio: Amy believes that her God-given talent and her First Nations ancestry, in addition to her memory of her father, drive the passion she brings to canvas. Over the years, she has developed 3 unique styles: Modern Impressionism, Sky Dance Series, and Metal Art.

Artist Statement: Nature and animals have always made me feel free. Growing up with a disabled father, I believe that it was my therapeutic painting time that helped relieve the stress and pain that was a constant challenge in my life.

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Carey Nash - Artist Photograph




Carey Nash

Bio: Carey Nash was raised in Fort McMurray where he explored its great outdoors. From outback camping trips to biking the wonderful trail system, he loved it all.  His exploratory and curious nature took him further, compelling him to experience and capture many corners of the earth.  His fine art photography showcases his perceptive eye and resounds with people everywhere, leading them to display it worldwide.

Artist Statement: I started my photography career while walking through the narrow streets of Burma nearly 15 years ago. During an extended trip through remote, and not so remote, parts of India, Burma, China and other wonderful places in Asia, I first began my love affair with photography. That fateful trip was one of many to new and exciting countries around the world, over 70 and still counting. Each time I bring a camera and earn a new appreciation of life, and my goal is always to bring back some of that life to my home in Canada.

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Stacey Northcott - Artist Photograph




Stacey Northcotte

Bio: Stacey began her career as a professional photographer in 2008 at the age of 17. Though best known professionally as a commercial and portrait photographer she enjoys spending her free time practicing creative portraiture and fine art photography.

Artist Statement: I use photography as a means of self-expression and I believe in art as medication. I always try to find the beauty and story in my surroundings. Even under pressure, I strive to put all of my creative energy into every project.

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Michele Paul l -Artist Photograph



Michele Paull

Bio: Michele Paull is a professionally trained photographer and digital artist located in Fort McMurray, Alberta. She combines photographic and digital techniques favouring the integration of contrasting elements.

Artist Statement: I see images in the strangest of places; beauty where it challenges the imagination. My aspiration is to share my reveries with you and in doing so ignite your own unique potential to find peace, harmony and beauty; everywhere, in everyone and everything.

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Liana Wheelson - Artist Photograph



Liana Wheeldon

Bio: Emily Carr College of Art and Design graduate, Liana Wheeldon, has been living in Fort McMurray, Alberta since 2009. Her work is very influenced by her experiences travelling and by classic noir films. She works primarily in drawing, painting and printmaking.

Artist Statement: Storytelling has always intrigued me. One of my greatest pleasures is getting caught up in a well-written story and having my imagination captured so strongly that I feel like the characters are people I know. I hope my pieces capture the viewer’s imagination in the same way.

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