Peace Country Artist Profiles

Meet The Fine Art of Hospitality‘s Peace Country Area Artists

Artist Photograph - Leslie Bjur





Leslie Bjur

Bio:  Leslie grew up 4 hours northeast of Edmonton, surrounded by boreal forest in an age when parents shooed their kids outside until dark. Nature has always influenced any art she creates. She currently lives in Grande Prairie, Alberta.

Artist Statement: When we are very lucky art will lead us to something greater than us. Sometimes it is a translation, sometimes just a noise. Most often we are rewarded by getting lost in the process be it for 15 minutes or 100 hours. The immersion is welcome at all times.

Contact Leslie:, 780-978-7742

Artist Photograph - Dion Burry




Dion Burry

Bio: Dion spent the first half of his life growing up in Newfoundland and Labrador. Once he finished high school, he attended Acadia University in Wolfville, Nova Scotia, where he obtained his teaching degree. Dion has spent the last thirteen years working in Grande Prairie and raising a family.

Artist Statement: His passion for photography came about by accident. He obtained his first camera for filmmaking, but very quickly turned to digital photography, where it began as a hobby for many years. Recently, he has turned his skills into a business: ‘Dion Burry Photography’. It is a never ending learning process and he enjoys the challenges that accompany his photo shoots.

Contact Dion: :,, 780-832-9239,,
Facebook Page: Dion Burry Photography, Twitter: Dion Burry @snow246wolf

Artist Photograph - Corinne Cowan




Corinne Cowan

Bio: Art has been a hobby for more than 30 years. Since retiring in 2004, I have endeavoured to learn new painting techniques through different mentors and workshops in watercolours and acrylics. The Grande Prairie area has been my only home with my grandparents being among the first settlers. My husband and I live on the acreage we moved to in 1970.

Artist Statement: Presently, I paint primarily in acrylics. This medium allows me to experiment, use my imagination and push my limits. Favorite subjects are those found in the environment around me.  A new interest is space art. Painting elements of the cosmos has led to having displays in the EIA and GPA. I am a member of the Grande Prairie Guild of Artists and the IAAA.

Contact Corinne: corann@gpnet.ca

Artist Photograph - Kim Dettling-McKinnon




Kim Dettling-McKinnon

Bio: Kim Dettling was born and raised in Fairview, Alberta and has been involved in art since she was a teenager. She graduated from St. Thomas More School where she received the school’s art award all three years of high school and received the Fairview Fine Arts Bursary at graduation. She attended the Alberta College of Art in Calgary before family obligations changed her course of direction for many years.

Returning to academics in 1998 Kim attended SAIT, graduating in 2000 with an Office Administration Degree; however art was ever present. This included taking a document design course as part of her curriculum where she achieved high marks as well as having her logo design chosen for the “millennium” conference the class put together.

In the following years she has expressed her creativity in tattoo designs, hand crafted greeting cards and pen & ink drawings.  Most recently Kim has returned to painting and fabric sculptures. In 2006 she joined a local art group “Artists North” in Grande Prairie.

Artist Statement: Kim Dettling-McKinnon’s eccentric personality comes alive with her multi-media and colorful approach to fantastic paintings. You are always kept guessing to what she will come up with next. Born and raised in Fairview, Alberta, Kim currently resides in Grovedale, Alberta.

Contact Kim:, 780-897-9376

Artist Photograph - Yvonne Dickson




Yvonne Dickson

Bio: Yvonne is a local Grande Prairie girl, born and raised here.  She sees beauty and much inspiration in what surrounds us in this fine part of Alberta. The bulk of her work has a Peace Country theme.

Artist Statement: I began my journey through art when I enrolled in an Acrylic Landscape Painting course offered by GPRC, to keep a very good friend company.  From there evolved our GP Guild of Artists, which I have been a member of since it was formed.

Through time and interest I have moved from using Acrylic and canvas to watercolour and paper as my medium of choice.  It takes much patience to understand and learn how to work with watercolour, but now that I feel like I have it working for me, I will continue, as I find watercolours very charming.

I have been an experiential learner with art, taking many workshops and short classes from respected instructors who the Guild engaged. When I am in the process of creating it is a very cathartic experience.

Contact Yvonne:

Artist Photograph - Lloyd Dykstra




Lloyd Dykstra

Bio: Born in Alberta, Lloyd grew up in Vancouver and moved back to Alberta in the seventies.  Moved to Grande Prairie in 1980. He has always been interested in photography but became more passionate about it in the last 10 years. He mostly enjoys nature photography and over the last years has found that the Peace Country has just as much to offer as anywhere else for this type of photography.

Artist Statement: I use photography as a means to record the world around me and to find interesting subjects in ordinary things and places. I think it has little to do with what you see, but everything to do with the way you see it.

Nature offers an unlimited number of views and constant changing in light. There are great images waiting to be found everywhere, but they are almost never found easily.

My hope is that my images make the viewer rediscover the precious connection they have with nature and the wonders of the world around them.

Contact Lloyd:, 780-539-6363 or 780-978-3636,

Artist Photograph - Carol-Lee Eckardt




Carol-Lee Eckhardt

Bio: Carol-Lee is a prairie girl from Dugald, Manitoba. She has a Bachelor of Interior Design from the University of Manitoba. CL has lived in Grande Prairie all her working life and designed many of the homes and developments in the city. She is a familiar face in Grande Prairie due to her 15 years on City Council.

Artist Statement: After a hiatus of 33 years, Carol-Lee picked up her brush and started to paint again. A busy life got in the way of the watercolour art she learned in University at Interior Design School. Her inspiration comes from the things she sees. From the statue Orcas in her garden to the decaying beauty of Venice slowly sliding into the sea, all fascinate her. Transforming a blank sheet of paper into art is her challenge.  “It is like entering another little world that takes my complete concentration.”

Contact Carol-Lee:

Artist Photograph - Janet Enfield





Janet Enfield

Bio: My art is about telling a visual story. I have tried many different mediums and have even combined a few in my quest to entertain the viewers eyes and mind. I love animals and painting animal portraits but enjoy many subjects like people places and things. I have recently discovered Paverpol, a material hardening product and have been doing sculptures of people birds and animals. Creativity is never ending.

Artist Statement: I have been interested in creating my whole life. When I was 10 I fell in love with oil paints and to this day they are my medium of choice. I have taken many classes where I learned techniques and added to my knowledge for the creation of my art. Acrylics are another paint that I enjoy for their quick drying time and brilliant colours and have discovered using them in mixed media.

An activity that I find inspiring is figure drawing and I have belonged to the Grande Prairie group for quite a few years now. This is a very creative time that I am able to try out many different dry mediums like graphite pastel or charcoal. There are many water soluble pencils and sticks that are enjoyable to use and produce interesting results.

There is nothing more satisfying than creating. It is like putting my feelings out there telling stories making a point or just creating something beautiful for others to enjoy.

Life is about experiences and all the way through the creative process there are many. I begin by experiencing something that inspires me, then I go through the creation of the work then you experience the final result. Every piece of art is experienced differently by everyone that interacts with it. My hope is to touch a part of you with my art that will find you in a peaceful, exciting, loving or humorous mood. There are even some works that take you to a place of sadness.

Art finds its way to the eyes that it must, the people that need to see it and those that will appreciate it. Look for the art that speaks to you.

Contact Janet:

Artist Photograph - Callista McLennan




Callista Gemmell

Bio: Callista is a recent graduate of Emily Carr University, where she majored in Visual Art with a minor in Art + Text. She attended the Visual Arts program at GPRC for two years prior to transferring to Emily Carr, and now lives in Fairview. She manages a photo lab in the local drug store there and recently got married. Now she is looking to her future, which she hopes will involve a career in teaching.

Artist Statement: I want to explore my interest in body as landscape / landscape of the body / landscape body / body landscape. Do we perceive ourselves as distinct from nature or are we trying to reconnect with nature? I want to look at the universality of body and of landscape, but also the aspects that are unique and individual.

Contact Callista: 780-296-3497


Artist Photograph - Liz Gogal - Art in the Garden




Liz Gogal

Bio: Born in Alberta, Liz loves painting flowers and landscapes. She has been painting for 20 years and has taken art courses at Keyano College in Fort McMurray. She moved to Grande Prairie about 9 years ago and had her first “Art n the Garden” show this fall in garden. She feels it is wonderful to be a part of the amazing art community.

Contact Liz:, 780-296-3389

Artist Photograph - Marilyn Grubb




Marilyn Grubb

Bio:  Marilyn Grubb is the owner of Chipabirdee Images, an artistic services/photography business. Marilyn has an eye for seeing that different light, the persistence to wait for the perfect moment and the ability to put humans and the natural world at ease while being photographed. She is based in Wembley, Alberta.

Artist Statement: “Capturing that LUCKY shot!” is my motto. With a focus on capturing the essence of the outdoors and the beauty of the Peace Region, in northern Canada: birds, scenery and wildlife, humans, including events and activities.

Contact Marilyn: Chipabirdee Images by Marilyn Grubb, PO Box 912, Wembley AB T0H 3S0


Artist Photograph - Hilda Hallock




Hilda Hallock

Bio: Hilda is new to the artistry of digital photography. She grew up and lives near Grande Cache, Alberta.

Artist Statement: I enjoy spending time alone, especially outdoors. Photography is my emotional expression to the world at large.

Contact Hilda:

Artist Photo - Janice Kretzer-Prysunka



Janice Kretzer-Prysunka

Bio: By day Janice is a career civil servant working at one of the most dynamic organizations in Canada, the City of Grande Prairie.  She loves her work and the ability to impact the community she calls home. Outside of work she is a photographic artist.

Artist Statement: Ralph Waldo Emerson once said “every moment of the year has a beauty which has never been seen before and will never be seen again” and as a photographer it is my mission to capture these moments and share them with others.  A life worth living is one worth documenting and my camera is the tool I use to do this!

My specialty is landscape and fine art photography but I also shoot sporting and community events, tourism and web images and casual portraits.

Contact Janice: JKP Images,,,   780-518-3003

Artist Photograph - Emily Lozeron Self Portrait



Emily Lozeron

Bio: Emily is an artist living near Grande Prairie.

Artist Statement: She enjoys combining both abstract and realism in her paintings and tries to portray the character and uniqueness of the subject.  She loves to paint nature with its infinite animals, plants and natural places.  She does not look for the perfect or the beautifully manicured, but loves what makes the subject unique; the scared leaf, the rusted barbwire, the wrinkled face, or the shedding of a winter coat of fur.

Contact Emily:

Artist Photograph - Lindsay Mitten




Lindsay Mitten

Bio: Lindsay has been painting since 2005.

Artist Statement: I have always been interested in art and painting is something that I really enjoy and have fun doing. I love abstract and I basically just try to paint things that look cool.

Contact Lindsay:

Artist Photograph - Lynn Hachey Nordhagen





Lynn Hachey Nordhagen

Bio: Lynn recently rediscovered her passion for art in the past couple of years and has enjoyed being in local art exhibits at the Grande Prairie Art Gallery, the Creative Arts Centre, and the Beaverlodge Art and Cultural Centre.

Artist Statement: As a local Grande Prairie area artist I love capturing the vast beauty that surrounds us, it inspires me on a daily basis. I am fortunate to be part of an incredibly talented local art community.

Contact Lynn:





Tanya Sedore

Bio: After receiving her diploma Tanya has made leaps and bounds in the Peace Region. Her work has appeared in magazines such as Homes&Land, The Ultimate Bridal Guide, Maternity & Beyond, Womanition, LouLou, Profiles of Success and hangs in various locations in Western Canada. As well as being accredited with the PPOC (Professional Photographers of Canada), Tanya strives to stay current with the ever changing trends and technology in photography.  T.Sedore photography now provides an extensive list of services, from large scale commercial work to most any type of portrait.

Deeply devoted to the growth and success of her business it comes second only to her wonderful son Brook and the newest member of her family, baby Gray.

Artist Statement: Twenty years ago I left Grande Prairie to pursue my dream of becoming a professional photographer. I found myself truly inspired after a year spent in South America. The beauty of my surroundings encouraged me to expand my portfolio to include scenic and editorial photos.

Contact Tanya:

Artist Portrait - Marian Jacoba Shilka



Marian Jacoba Shilka

Bio: Marian works intuitively from her emotions or journeys to special places, she paints the “inner” landscape.

Artist Statement: I work with watercolours, acrylics or mixed media and am continually amazed by the shifting place where abstract dreams, visions or memories transition from the intangible to the physical planes of canvas and paper. Inspirations come from people and the human experience, from colour and the contrasts of the earth and cosmos surrounding her; shape and texture, light and dark, sound and quiet.

Contact Marian:,






Noreen Vavrek

Bio: Noreen was born and raised in southern Alberta. In 1985 she moved to the Sexsmith, Alberta area. She has been an Accountant for over 30 years, obtaining her Certified General Accountant designation in 1991.

Artist Statement: My love of art began at an early age where I was known to sketch for hours at a time. Balancing art with raising a family and a career, I have continued to work at developing my art using various mediums, most recently focusing on colorful thick textured acrylic paintings. Living in the Peace Country provides endless beautiful scenery to draw inspiration from.  When I am painting, the outside world seems to slip away as I become completely immersed in the art. My hope is that viewers will appreciate and feel a connection to my paintings.

Contact:, phone 780-897-5648